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About Us 


Ella B’s Restaurant is dedicated to the memory of Ms. Ella B Hudson-Whitfield, the late grandmother of Chef Patrick Whitfield.  Ms. Ella B raised Chef Patrick and inspired him to cook through the numerous times he spent with her in the kitchen as she prepared meals for her grandchildren.


Ella B lived in Blytheville Arkansas but was originally from Greenwood Mississippi.  She loved to cook for her family and her low country southern roots flavor was reflected in every dish.  She would make dishes like Turkey Necks cooked to perfection with just the right seasoning and tri-color bell pepper blend add potatoes and a little flour to thicken the gravy with rice and cast-iron baked corn bread.  Now that’s good southern eating!!!! 


One of my favorite memories as a child is picking purple hull peas with her in the neighborhood garden.  We would fill a clothes basket with peas, take them home and start peeling them.  I can’t thank her enough for the love and values she taught me.


Ella B’s Restaurant is dedicated not only to Ms. Ella B, but to all grandmothers who sacrificed and raised their children’s children.  May their words, love and big hugs, comforting food, and legacies continue to live on in each of us.  Thank you to all the Grandmothers, Big Mama, NaNa, Grandma, and GiGi’s.  

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